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For every consecutive year that you attend the campout, you will receive a Homie Hearts loyalty pin that reflects how many consecutive years you have running.  Homie Hearts are based on Homie Pass purchases using a consistent email address.  You must have purchase a Homie Pass (4-day or full weekend pass) to qualify for the loyalty program.

Homies returning for their second consecutive year will receive a "Homie Hearts II" pin, and homies returning for their third consecutive year will receive a "Homie Hearts III" pin.

These pins may serve as a badge of honor to other homies out there, letting them know, that you know, that "homie's where the heart is".  If you wear your Homie Hearts pin at the campout, you may receive discounts on official campout merch.  Your email also stays on the Loyalty List for as long as you have consecutive years of attendance, which comes with early access to special deals and information regarding THCC.

Didn't use an email to purchase your Homie Pass?  No problem; you may redeem your Homie Hearts pin if you show us your wristbands from 2+ years of THCC at Box Office.

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